Why Choose Self-Ligating Braces Over Regular Braces

Why Choose Self-Ligating Braces Over Regular Braces
Posted on 03/17/2015

Dr. Jerry Smith is dedicated to helping each of his patients achieve that beautiful and healthy smile they desire! Our orthodontic practice offers patients of all ages a wide variety of treatment options including but not limited to conventional metal braces made of stainless steel and self-ligating braces. 

Metal Braces are Much-Improved 
Conventional metal braces have improved dramatically over the past few years. Today's metal braces are smaller, more attractive and more comfortable to wear than the metal braces used a few years ago. Because of these improvements, more people of all ages are choosing to improve their smiles with braces.   

Self-Ligating Braces – A Great Treatment Option to Consider 
Another popular treatment type many people choose is an option called self-ligating braces. Our Marietta & Canton GA orthodontic practice offers self-ligating options, including the Damon System, which are braces with brackets that utilize a “sliding-door” technology known as “self-ligation”. This innovative design allows the wire to slide back and forth within the bracket. This creates less friction and results in greater patient comfort. Plus, there are no elastic or steel ties used with self-ligating braces, which is convenient for the patient. 

Why Choose Self-Ligating Braces? 
Due to the reduction in friction, when you're treated with self-ligating braces, your time spent in braces may be less than what it would be if you were wearing conventional metal braces. This means you'll obtain your new straight and healthy smile faster which is always a good thing! Plus, you will spend less time in the treatment chair as there are fewer necessary adjustments to make during treatment. The advantages over regular metal braces makes self-ligating braces a very good treatment option to consider. 

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