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Why Do I Have to Wear Rubber Bands?

What? Why do I have to wear rubber bands? I hear this from patients when I am presenting a treatment plan that includes wearing elastics. How in the world can a little 4 ounce elastic change how your teeth fit together and how your face looks?

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Are Aligners for Me?

I started using Invisalign aligners in October of 2000 and it is amazing the amount of changes that have come from Align over the last 21 years. Things that were difficult or even impossible with the Original Aligners are now being accomplished everyday. Align is on its 8th Generation of the product and there are more great things to come!

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Wisdom Teeth, Braces, & You

Wisdom teeth are your third, and final set of molars that grow into your mouth anywhere between the ages of 13 and 25. While their initial purpose (a part of our early evolution when humans had larger jaws and chewed harder roughage) was once useful, today they typically just cause inconvenience.

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Acidity In Food Harms Teeth

Maintaining your beautiful new smile after your braces come off requires some diligence on your part. While you no longer need to worry about damaging or breaking your braces by avoid certain foods like hard, chewy and sticky foods, you still need to make sure you are protecting your smile by doing things like brushing several times and day and flossing at least once. Dr. Smith and his staff would like to share some information with our patients past and present along with their families about the importance of avoiding certain foods and drinks that can do harm to your teeth.

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The Advantages of the Herbst Fixed Appliance

As an orthodontist, Dr Jerry often sees patients complaining of an “overbite.” They are usually referring to a condition where their upper front teeth appear to be out further than their lower teeth. This condition can be due to a small lower jaw that is positioned further back than where it should be. Dr. Jerry has corrected many overbites using the Herbst appliance. This is a fixed orthodontic appliance designed to bring an underdeveloped lower jaw forward to match the normally positioned upper jaw. This appliance works by preventing the lower jaw from moving backwards while allowing the patient to open and close their mouth easily.

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Why Choose Self-Ligating Braces Over Regular Braces

Dr. Jerry Smith is dedicated to helping each of his patients achieve that beautiful and healthy smile they desire! Our orthodontic practice offers patients of all ages a wide variety of treatment options including but not limited to conventional metal braces made of stainless steel and self-ligating braces.

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Should I Brush My Teeth After Eating?

We have all heard about brushing your teeth immediately after eating a meal. What you’re about to learn from Dr. Jerry will probably go against everything you’ve learned about dental health. Minimize brushing your teeth immediately after eating.

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Dr. Jerry's New Blog!

As everyone knows, Dr. Jerry at Smith Smile Orthodontics is very involved in the dental industry. He follows the latest news and trends and stays up to date on technology. Dr. Jerry would like to share with the world his discoveries, opinions, stories, and updates on a platform designed for that: a blog!

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